Fleet Map Screen

This dashboard allows you to view your entire Fleet within a single sitemap, along with your Field Task History. This feature is only available with Farmer Core licenses. To access this feature first locate the Fleet section on the top bar of your organization’s site once you’ve logged in. Hover over this to see a […]

Verify equipment task data

When equipment data is read-in to Trimble Ag Software through file imports or wireless connections with vehicle displays or third-party accounts, it’s held for verification before the data becomes part of a field record. You can edit or delete the task details to fix errors, merge or reassign tasks, and control whether to add tasks […]

FarmStream documentation

Learn more about FarmStream, an advanced productivity tool within Trimble Ag Software that can be turned on or off from the TMX-2050, GFX-750, GFX-350 or FmX display, in the Fleet User Guide. Here are a few handy links to other Fleet documentation: FarmStream Comparison Matrix FarmStream Setup Guide FarmStream Cable Guide FarmStream FAQs  

DIY data management for the FmX integrated display

While your local Trimble Authorized Reseller can provide you with robust, fully supported solutions for wireless data transfer powered by higher-end modems such as the DCM-300® or GX450® , there are lower-end solutions for those of us willing to put in a little extra effort. Keep in mind that this is not an officially supported […]

Add equipment operator access to contacts

Assign equipment operator access to your farm contacts with Trimble Ag Software’s online tools that let you decide who will have login access to vehicle field displays, with options to group or inactivate equipment operators on your account. In addition to easy access from your mobile device when you want to call or email the people on […]

View and edit vehicle properties online

Once your vehicle is connected to your online account in Trimble Ag Software, you can view real-time status and location on the satellite map, edit properties and export location history. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click on the the Fleet tab (top menu) Select Vehicles and click on a vehicle name from the Vehicle List […]

Track vehicles used in field tasks on the mobile app

Once you’ve set up your vehicles and data connections on the online account, you can use the Trimble Ag Mobile app to do more than find and navigate to your fleet. You can also track vehicles and operators at the same time when recording field-level tasks on the mobile app. 1. Log in to the […]

View and use vehicle data online

Once your vehicle displays are connected to Trimble Ag Software by serial number or through an API that shares data with your third-party account, your information is automatically pulled into the online account from your fleet activities. Our software uses spatial selection to look for matches between your data and our software, starting with the […]

Delete vehicles from your account

When you’re no longer using a vehicle on the farm, it’s easy to delete the vehicle from your fleet records on Trimble Ag Software. Any vehicles that are deleted are simply retired, in case you want to unretire vehicles for use on your account at a later date.   Log in to Trimble Ag Software […]

Export resource files to connected displays

With Trimble Ag Software’s fleet management tools, you can quickly deliver prescription maps and resource files to vehicle displays connected to your online account, including John Deere vehicles connected via API. Log in to Trimble Ag Software online (learn more) Click the Data Transfer tab (top menu) Select Manage Files from the left navigation menu Click on […]