New! Crop Health Imagery and Work Orders for Farmers

Trimble announced today that it has added Crop Health Imagery and Work Orders features to its Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus software solutions, both offering additional value to farmers and crop advisors.

Are Water Issues Impacting Your Yields?

Water is the scarcest nutrient in dry-land agriculture. Even if you aren’t growing in a semi-arid or sub-humid region, water is the most critical input that many farmers struggle to properly manage. All other input decisions should hinge on it.

More Power. Same Price. Farmer Pro Has Two New Features!

After launching Trimble Ag Software two years ago, we have paid close attention to customer feedback. As today’s farms continue to grow in size and complexity, Trimble’s engineering and product development teams are working hard to continually enhance our software solution to add more value. That’s why we’re excited to announce two new features that […]

How Can I Leverage Weather Data to Maximize Crop Yields?

As farmers move further and further into precision management, getting a firm grasp on the areas of their fields that are underperforming becomes vital. Often, this variability involves water. According to Elston Solberg, a Senior Agri-Coach with the AGRI-TREND network, there are two sources of water: soil water and precipitation. These two sources are equally critical […]

Tech Innovators Shaping the Future of Precision Agriculture

The notion that precision agriculture is angling to be the next darling in the tech solution space was only validated by the 900+ ag leaders and innovators present at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco. With bright new startups from around the world vying for their chance to disrupt one of the most mature and established industries in our economy, there was a sense that continued change and progress is absolutely in our future.