Trimble Ag Division Hailed as Leader in Carbon Offsets

Agri-Trend Aggregation, a division of Trimble Ag Business Solutions, is capturing headlines for being a key driver in the the first beef carbon offset project in the world. Bill Dorgan, Agri-Trend Aggregation Business Unit Leader, worked with Feedlot Health Management Services in Alberta to establish the groundbreaking project that saw participating feedlots engage in verified […]

Three Things to Know About Drift in Land Forming Projects

For years, the inherent risk of running land-forming operations with GPS has been that drift is a possibility. However, the wasted time that happens with drift is far less likely than the more common delays that happen with laser technology due to factors like wind and dust. Still, downtime is still a big concern when using GPS-based systems, which have long been unable to overcome the increasing magnitude and repeated occurrence of drift.

5 Steps to Implementing Precision Ag on Your Farm Today

An informal review of over 150 Agri-Trend’s farm clients covering 500,000 acres of VR over the past 7 years revealed an average net return of $35 per acre. Of that $35 – $7 were savings from reduced or eliminated inputs to low producing areas and $28 were earnings from improved yields in higher producing areas […]