Higher Accuracy Results in Better Consistency, Stronger Profits

By Michael Bruno and Vivek Nadkarni  Many farmers rely on positioning services to make accurate passes across their fields. Doing so ensures their passes are consistent, preventing overlaps and skips so they can be efficient with their time, land, and inputs.  But with options for correction services varying from the sub-meter accuracy level down to […]

Trimble Launches Photo and Video Contest to Celebrate Successful Farmers Around the World

For today’s most successful farmers, it’s not about working harder. The secret lies in discovering new ways to make your overall farm operations more intelligent…and it’s happening on farms around the world every day. Trimble wants to honor these efforts and celebrate empowered farmers everywhere who are embracing precision ag innovations in exciting new ways […]

Smart Spot Spray System Saves Money and Reduces Over-Application

  A next-gen spot spray system by Trimble is generating some buzz among farmers, who stand to cut their chemical costs by up to 90% with the new WeedSeeker 2. “It uses an automatic spot spraying system and active light crop sensors to detect and deliver a precise amount of chemical — only to weeds […]

Ag Innovation Leaders Explore New Ways to Expand Digital Frontiers of Smart Farming 

Top global ag leaders and innovators will gather in London this month to uncover new ways of leveraging technology to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the food system today. The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, which takes place in London October 15-16, is expected to draw over 500 global agribusiness leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, […]