Trimble Ag Software Earns Strong Ranking in Independent Ag College Survey

May 1, 2020

Farmers are faced with a huge number of options from a wide range of companies providing data management software in the marketplace today. Each of these options comes with a price tag, of course — whether it’s a subscription fee, one-time cost, or simply the time that it takes to input and manage the data.

That’s why a Canadian ag college decided to help farmers out by conducting an unbiased assessment of farm data management software offerings on the market today. “We can evaluate the cost, in terms of time and effort involved, as well as upfront charges to utilize the software,” reads the final report published by Olds College in Alberta. “This will allow farmers to see if there is financial benefit in paying for a software and using it for data management and evaluation of in-season applications.”

“We can help to remove the buzz and see what aspects work well and sync nicely with other equipment and platforms, and which platforms could use some further development to be more user-friendly.”

The end result? Trimble Ag Software earned a strong ranking in all categories. “Overall, this software is an excellent tool, whether you are looking to focus on agronomy, financial data or a combination of both,” said the report, released earlier this year. “You can get as much or as little from this software as you want, depending on how much data you want to enter. The more data that can be entered allows a producer to make strong data-based decisions. The support system from the online chat or help emails is great and timely so regardless of whether you’re a beginner or someone experienced with management-style software, this is a program that can be easily utilized to manage your farm.”

Olds College is home base for the Canadian SmartFarm Initiative, described as “a living lab for hands-on learning — it is a place for innovation, validation, demonstration and scaling of smart connected agriculture technology through industry partnerships.” As part of this ag software comparative study, the Olds College SmartFarm Team evaluated several popular software platforms on the market, including:

  • Trimble Ag Software
  • FCC AgExpert Field
  • Climate Fieldview
  • My Farm Manager (Decisive Farming)
  • FarmCommand (Farmer’s Edge)

The Olds College team’s goal was to provide a comprehensive analysis of the capabilities, functionalities, and usability of the products for producers. “Producers are looking for easy interfaces that allow for quick data input and functionality to help improve their decision-making ability and data management on-farm.”

Olds College Software Comparison Study, January 2020


Click here to view the full study or learn more about the SmartFarm Initiative.

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