Install Trimble Ag Desktop software

Before installing Trimble Ag Desktop software, make sure you have already reviewed the system requirements, activated your desktop license online, and downloaded the installation files from our website for Windows (or Windows emulator for Mac). If this is all new to you, let us walk you through the steps in our printable QuickStart Guide for Trimble Ag Desktop. […]

QuickStart Guide for Trimble Ag Desktop Software

If this is your first time using or upgrading Trimble Ag Desktop software (formerly Farm Works) included with any of our Farmer plans, follow these steps for a smooth install. Once you create your Trimble ID and activate your account online with the Farmer plan of your choice, you can download and install the desktop […]

Minimum system requirements for Trimble Ag Software

For the best performance when using Trimble Ag Software online, on the mobile app or on the desktop, make sure your systems and devices meet our minimum requirements. Each of our platforms has been tested by our developers to ensure you’ll continue to have access to the full range of features in our software, by […]

Download Annual Maintenance Plan Updates

If you already have Trimble Ag Desktop installed and have purchased the Standard or Premium Annual Software Maintenance Plan, you can install the latest software fixes and updates from within the desktop software Help menu, or download the latest updates by clicking here. Once the download is complete, click the file shown in the download pane […]

Download the WM-Subsurface Desktop user guide

Get the latest help for WM-Subsurface™, available on its own or as an add-on for Trimble Ag Desktop software, to analyze topographic data on your farm and create drainage plans, as well as features for general mapping, field records and simple accounting. Click here to view, search (CTRL+F) download or print this PDF guide. Contact our sales […]

Get the latest software updates for your desktop account

For the best experience, use the most up-to-date version of Trimble Ag Desktop software which includes the latest data processing drivers, features and bug fixes. Updates are included with the purchase of an annual software maintenance plan, which also gives you access to our technical support group. By default, the software is set up to automatically […]

Access your account on the desktop

If you’ve already activated your desktop license online and installed Trimble Ag Desktop software for Windows (or Windows emulator for Mac), you can access your desktop account from your computer, with or without an internet connection. No sign-in or password is required. From your computer’s Start menu, select the program Trimble Ag Software, or click the Trimble  icon on […]

Activate your desktop license and maintenance plan

Before downloading Trimble Ag Desktop software included with any Farmer plan, start by visiting our secure website to activate your desktop license and maintenance plan. From the Marketplace within your online account, you can also manage your account profile and purchases, all through a single, secure Trimble ID email address. Use this email address and password whenever […]