Verify equipment task data

When equipment data is read-in to Trimble Ag Software through file imports or wireless connections with vehicle displays or third-party accounts, it’s held for verification before the data becomes part of a field record. You can edit or delete the task details to fix errors, merge or reassign tasks, and control whether to add tasks […]

Troubleshooting login issues

Having issues with logging into your Trimble Ag Software account? We’re here to help. Check out our troubleshooting tips below, featuring automated help from our website. Find our login webpage by visiting, then click the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the page. Select Software Customer Login. Click “Forgot password?” if you need […]

FarmStream documentation

Learn more about FarmStream, an advanced productivity tool within Trimble Ag Software that can be turned on or off from the TMX-2050, GFX-750, GFX-350 or FmX display, in the Fleet User Guide. Here are a few handy links to other Fleet documentation: FarmStream Comparison Matrix FarmStream Setup Guide FarmStream Cable Guide FarmStream FAQs  

Data compatibility and transfer charts

Trimble Ag Software can read in and export your precision ag data from a wide range of supported vehicle displays and third-party accounts. Check out our data compatibility and data transfer charts to see if your system and files are supported, or contact customer support for more help.    

Minimum system requirements for Trimble Ag Software

For the best performance when using Trimble Ag Software online, on the mobile app or on the desktop, make sure your systems and devices meet our minimum requirements. Each of our platforms has been tested by our developers to ensure you’ll continue to have access to the full range of features in our software, by […]

Step-by-step videos for Trimble Ag Software

Sit back, relax, and see how it’s done. Click here to browse our library of demo videos for Trimble Ag Software’s online and mobile app features. Farm software just got a whole lot easier.      

Using Work Orders

Eliminate the whiteboard and lengthy operational meetings with Work Orders in Trimble Ag Software. Farm managers can take the guesswork out of operations management, with online and mobile app tools to identify tasks, set priorities, assign tasks to workers, and monitor progress and completion.  

Manage map layers with Field Manager (GIS) online

With Trimble Ag Software, you can use online filters to turn map layers on and off, overlaid on boundaries across your farm. Adjust layers to view field and crop boundaries, benchmarks, guidance lines, landmarks, as-applied coverage maps, Crop Health Imagery, as well as management zones and vehicle tasks. Log in to your account online (learn more) […]

Use the Field Manager Overview online

Use the Field Manager Overview screen in your Trimble Ag Software online account to automatically track actual field-level expenses by crop year including cost per unit of production (CPUP). Record scouting and product recommendations, view Ag Premium Weather details, manage equipment activity, compare and convert budgets plans to actuals, and manage harvest data. Actual costs automatically roll […]

Create a new Trimble ID

It’s easy to set up a new Trimble ID, for easy, secure access to all of your Trimble accounts and services, including Trimble Ag Software. Visit our login webpage at and click the LOG IN button (top right). Select Software Customer Login. Click the Create new Trimble ID link (at the bottom) Enter your contact information (first name, last […]