New Weather Tool Boosts Bottom Line

February 6, 2017

Farmers have always been obsessed with the weather. What’s different now is that with new technologies and greater understanding they can mitigate some of its impact on their bottom line.

Farmers, by nature, are notoriously obsessive about the weather — and rightly so. It touches all aspects of their life and livelihood.
In most instances, the relationship between farmers and the weather is very one-sided. Mother Nature is the boss — she levels the judgement and farmers find themselves either reaping the benefits or salvaging the remains.

But what if there was a different way to look at weather and we were able to respond in a proactive way?

While growers can’t influence the weather, they can influence, through their management decisions, how broad weather patterns affect their bottom line. Think of it as Precision Weather — just one step away from Precision Agriculture.

What’s important for farmers is understanding how both current weather conditions as well as historic weather data impact their potential productivity, and then adjusting where they can.

Enter: Premium Weather by Trimble Ag Software

Trimble’s Ag Premium Weather is the ultimate agricultural weather application that offers field level precision. Ag Premium Weather is your ticket to up-to-date tracking of precipitation, temperature and growing degree days without the worry of physical rain gauges or expensive in-field hardware. With Ag Premium Weather you get current and historical precipitation data, which will enable you to improve operational planning, anticipate yield potential and adjust yield goals.


Key Features:

  • Integrated with the fastest and most reliable weather information available.
  • View rainfall variability within a field for any date range.
  • Access high definition weather data with field-level precision.
  • Optimize water usage by not turning on irrigators in areas that have received adequate rainfall.
  • View up-to-date growing degree days to predict swathing and harvest timing.
  • Determine field workability based on recent rainfall volume and intensity.
  • Forecast crop staging, insect emergence and disease risk.

Master rainfall trends: Plan your day better by remotely tracking how much rainfall each field received and when – all without checking a single rain gauge.

Understand growing-degree day trends: Receive day-to-day information on how many heat units are accumulating at the field this season and compare with historical averages.


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