Introducing: Yield Data Cleaning

December 14, 2018

Trimble Yield Data Cleaning

Are you tired of looking at yield maps that don’t match what’s in the field?

Trimble Ag Software’s new Yield Data Cleaning tool runs in the background to produce an accurate yield map you can rely on to make profitable data-driven decisions on your farm.

Trimble’s new Yield Data Cleaning tool comes free with any Farmer Fit, Farmer Pro or Advisor Prime account.

Key Features

  • Works on the web platform (Farmer Fit, Farmer Pro or Advisor Prime) with all major yield monitors
  • Automatically removes data issues related to grain flow delays, GIS errors, sensor errors, and overlaps
  • Makes it easy to correct poor yield data caused by harvesting with multiple combines
  • Provides a way to correct yield data values using actual harvest amounts collected from scale tickets or other sources
  • Provides the following outputs for each yield set:
    • Calibrated Yield — includes all corrections and adjustments made to the raw yield layer, in harvest units
    • Normalized Yield — puts all yield on a scale of 100 where 100 represents 100% of the average yield for each field, making it easy to compare yield from year to year
  • Cleaned data is available for use in the following areas of Trimble Ag Software:
    • GIS Layers for viewing and comparing multiple years of data
    • Precision Workbench, to create management zones
    • Precision Workbench, to create formulas for VR fertility and seed calculations

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