Trimble Supports the United Nations World Food Programme in Ensuring Food Security for All

November 2, 2022

A child eats pasta. Text highlights Trimble's donation to the World Food Programme.

In honor of World Food Day on October 16, Trimble donated $100,000 to World Food Program USA to support relief efforts as humanitarian crises across the globe continue to unfold, leaving entire populations hungry. World Food Program USA, the U.S. partner of the United Nations World Food Programme, mobilizes American policymakers, businesses and individuals to advance the global movement to end hunger.

As part of World Food Day and Trimble’s ongoing commitment to feeding the growing global population, Trimble’s donation will go to support the United Nations World Food Programme’s greatest needs programming, which includes emergency food assistance.

“As a company deeply committed to feeding our growing population, we see a great need for supporting entities such as the World Food Program USA to help provide food and safety for people in crisis across the globe,” said Jim Chambers, vice president and general manager, Trimble Agriculture. “Through support of organizations that align with our mission to feed the world, we hope to provide food for communities who are made vulnerable by circumstances they cannot control, including women and children.”

The U.N. World Food Programme, the world’s largest hunger-relief organization, has been on the frontlines of the world’s worst hunger crises, fighting hunger and famine since 1962. As the global hunger crisis continues—with 345 million people facing severe hunger and 50 million on the brink of famine—the U.N. World Food Programme is currently undergoing its largest scale-up ever, working to provide life-saving meals to 152 million of the world’s most vulnerable people in more than 120 countries and territories this year. Every day, the U.N. World Food Programme, the U.N.’s logistics leader, deploys its advanced network of 5,600 trucks, 100 planes and 30 ships to ensure food is delivered to those who need it most.

Trimble’s donation will provide 200,000 meals to those most in need.

“We thank Trimble for their generous contribution, which will help feed thousands of families in need,” said Barron Segar, World Food Program USA president and CEO. “At this time of unprecedented global hunger, the private sector plays a pivotal role in helping us fund essential programs for communities made vulnerable by the intersection of conflict, climate warming, rising costs, and the economic aftermath of COVID-19.”

To learn how to get involved with or donate to World Food Program USA, visit: