Trimble Select Introduces senseFly for Aerial Imaging

September 13, 2019

senseFly drone

Trimble Select is excited to announce our newest relationship with senseFly. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland and with North America operations in Raleigh, NC, senseFly is a global leader in fixed-wing drone solutions. In an industry full of companies supplying pieces of imaging technology, senseFly has earned its position as a leader by offering a complete solution that includes hardware, software, sensors, training and support. Its philosophy is to use technology to make work safer and more efficient by creating sophisticated tools that are simple to use. As a Trimble Select Partner, senseFly’s fixed-wing drone technology will be available through the Trimble Dealer and Vantage™ distribution networks.

SenseFly is focused on providing drones that empower farmers to fully benefit from their investments in precision ag technology. Monitoring crops from the sky using agricultural drones allows farmers to gain valuable insights into crop health, and then leverage those insights to make in-season decisions that improve farm management and drive profits. 

For example, one of senseFly’s flagship drones, the eBee X, is an advanced fixed-wing drone designed to boost the quality and efficiency of data acquisition to meet the evolving needs of agriculture professionals. The data collected is invaluable to agricultural professionals, helping with a wide array of applications, including crop monitoring, soil assessment, plant emergence and population, fertility, crop protection, harvest planning, irrigation and drainage. 

Trimble’s Select Partner Program for Agriculture

Trimble Select is a new initiative that enables approved third-party original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer their products and services through Trimble’s agriculture distribution channels. Using the program, Trimble dealers can leverage a portfolio of technologies, which are complementary to Trimble, that allow them to offer an even broader range of precision agriculture solutions to their customers. Trimble chooses partners based on criteria such as field-proven technology, innovation, compatibility with a broad range of manufacturers’ brands, customer support excellence and global capabilities.

“We’re pleased to be chosen as a Trimble Select Partner,” said Gilles Labossière, senseFly CEO. “SenseFly is committed to being the leader in fixed-wing drones. Partnerships with respected and established organizations, such as Trimble, validate our position, while making it easier for agriculture professionals to take advantage of senseFly’s innovative drone solutions.”

Kevin Barkow

“I’m excited to bring senseFly and their innovative solutions into the Trimble Select program. It is important for our Vantage and Trimble Dealer network and their end customers to have aerial-based precision agronomic solutions to improve their farming operations, as well as their profitability,” said Kevin Barkow, manager of Strategic Projects, Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “We are excited to have senseFly join our growing network of Trimble Select Partners.”

When it comes to data collection, senseFly has a wide range of cameras available for almost any need, including: RGB, photogrammetry, 3D photogrammetry, multi-spectral (green, red, red edge and near-infrared).  All of their cameras are modular, easy to swap sensors that allow the user to collect additional data sets efficiently. 

An integral part of the solution is senseFly’s eMotion flight and data management software. Beginner-friendly and optimized for safety, eMotion is packed with advanced features that help get the drone in the air quickly, while including all the functionality needed to collect and manage the data required. 

SenseFly will assist Trimble and its dealer network in all aspects of training, sales, and support. Customers will have access to senseFly’s internal customer support, which features experts in drones, mapping, software, payloads and accessories.  

Trimble Select is very excited to bring this solution to our dealers and customers.  If you have questions about the new senseFly relationship, contact Kevin Barkow or Chris Johnson for further information.

If you are interested in becoming a Trimble Select retailer, contact your RSM and discuss the opportunities.