Trimble Propels Agri-Food Innovation at Virtual World Agri-Tech Summit

September 28, 2020

When you think of agtech, you think innovation.

This innovation spans every facet of the food supply chain, from precisely planting seeds to monitoring how food is purchased in the grocery store. 

All of these unique pieces are working towards a united goal: to improve the agri-food system for a more productive and sustainable industry.

Global Innovation

This month’s virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on September 15-16 brought together top agri-businesses, agri-food companies, technology providers, and investors from around the globe to discuss the future of global agri-food systems. 

Primary discussion topics of the online event included automation, digital platforms, localized food systems, and more. Overall, the summit provides a platform for leading agribusinesses around the world to collaborate and share pertinent information that will guide the future of the industry.

Trimble served as a Gold Partner of the event, where over 900 senior global agri-food industry delegates from 54 countries attended. Participants could sit in on live-streamed roundtable discussions, panel sessions, and interactive Q&As with 95 speakers from the world’s leading agribusinesses. 

Connecting the Physical + Digital

Trimble Agriculture Vice President and General Manager Jim Chambers served as a key speaker in multiple sessions for the online event. 

Chambers held two high-profile speaking spots, participating in the panel discussion “Automation and Digitization: Platforms and Business Models That Deliver Value for Farmers” as well as the roundtable discussion and Q&A: “What are the right channel partners to take your digital ag solution to market?”

Chambers shared his agriculture expertise with top industry representatives and explained how Trimble Agriculture is working diligently to help farmers be more productive, sustainable, and profitable through precision agriculture.

“At Trimble, we are all about the physical and digital combined, which includes planning, optimizing, and documenting the work that is being done in the field,” said Chambers. 

Noting the focus on maximizing productivity and profitability for farmers through data, “It also depends on the crop and situation about how much real money can be retained or earned through this.”

Jim Chambers, Trimble Ag Vice President and General Manager, participates in the virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on Sept. 15-16. Photo c/o World Agri-Tech.

A Better Future

Above all, the event promoted innovation across the ag ecosystem, encouraging robust attendee participation and interactive discussions with industry leaders.

Additional activities included a virtual exhibition and start-up pitches, as well as the opportunity for participants to connect through 1-1 video meetings, polls, and group chats to exchange ideas and follow up with keynote speakers.

According to event hosts, this virtual conference “re-confirmed the need for collaboration to achieve success in developing more efficient, resilient, and sustainable farming systems.”

Together, the agriculture industry continues to strive for a stronger and more resilient future – and Trimble Agriculture is deeply committed and proud to be a part of it.

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