It’s the Most Wonderful (and Precise) Time of the Year!

December 23, 2020

While the weather outside might be frightful, it makes no difference for jolly old St. Nick. Snow or sleet, rain or shine, in the wild jungles or the wild urban canyons, he has a magic trick up his sleeve to ensure every present is delivered to its rightful recipient in every corner of the globe.

Luckily, his trick is available to every farmer who needs precise positioning to get their job done! No matter what you farm, how you farm or where you’re located, Santa’s magic is delivered by Trimble CenterPoint RTX.

Why, do you ask, would Santa Claus need any kind of assistance in delivering presents to all the good boys and girls around the world? We’ll tell you why!

For starters, Trimble CenterPoint RTX is the largest, high-performance Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in the world. No other GNSS correction service provides the same combined level of accuracy, convergence speed, flexibility and geographic coverage. 

Because of the power behind CenterPoint RTX, its horizontal positioning accuracy is less than one inch (two centimeters), ensuring each present is dropped down exactly the right chimney! And, Santa’s access to CenterPoint RTX increases productivity (getting him home sooner than later to Mrs. Claus!), reduces operational costs (important when rebuilding from setbacks in production schedules) and improves safety (gotta keep him and the reindeer safely in the air).

By providing a single, continuous correction technology platform, Santa can safely guide his sleigh hands-free while pulling the right present for the right person out of his sack of goodies. An added bonus for Santa is that Trimble’s global team of engineering elves are available 365/24/7. There’s no chance an out of office message will be received should any challenges arise. And, with more than 20 years of innovation and leadership in GNSS, Santa can be confident in knowing his network is reliable and accurate.

Santa is too busy to tell you himself, but if you want to know more about Trimble CenterPoint RTX and how it can benefit your projects requiring precise positioning, contact your local Trimble Authorized Business Partner or visit Trimble’s online store to start your subscription for Trimble RTX-compatible GNSS receivers. It’s the best present you can give to yourself this holiday season!

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