Trimble Software ‘Saves Me Time and Money’: Customer Survey

February 7, 2019

Trimble Ag Customer SurveyTrimble Ag Software got the ‘thumbs up’ in a recent customer survey, where users gave the platform top marks for saving their farming operations time and money, as well as helping their team stay organized.

“We get excited when we see results like this because it shows us we’re on the right track,” said Clint Dotterer, Director of Strategic Marketing for Trimble Ag Business Solutions. “Farming is complex enough these days. It’s our job to develop innovative yet easy to use software that makes farmers’ lives easier, and boosts their bottom line. By using software to connect their entire farm operation, our customers are automating critical workflows and getting a really high ROI — and we’re just happy to be part of their success.”

The survey, conducted in January, found that Farmer Fit and Farmer Pro license holders were leveraging the software more and more in their operations. Over 50% of these users said the software platform — with fully integrated desktop, online, and mobile functionality — helped them plan better for the future.

“I like that you connect to many software platforms like John Deere, AgLeader”, said one respondent. “Love the accounting and mapping,” noted another.

When asked to rank their overall satisfaction with the product, respondents selected ‘quality of product’ and ‘ease of use’ as their top choices.

Dotterer said the survey results are being closely studied by Trimble Ag Software’s product development team to ensure customer feedback is integrated into future upgrades and enhancements.

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