Everything You Need to Know about the TMX-2050 Display

May 23, 2022

Precision agriculture has offered real farmers real solutions since the 1980s. Each generation of precision agriculture offers new innovations, improved technology, and an enhanced user experience. The TMX-2050 display simplifies guidance and steering while accurately monitoring and mapping fields in real-time. 

You are still in the cab and in control, but you are operating the tractor through your TMX-2050 display, improving the accuracy of your field work. The results speak for themselves: you save time and money while increasing yield.

What is the TMX-2050 display?

The TMX-2050 display puts you in the driver’s seat of your farm instead of a tractor. It precisely operates the vehicle, mapping and monitoring the field as seeds are planted or crops are harvested.

Control is still in your hands – Connected apps show your entire farm, as well as important data that influences your business decisions, such as weather and commodity prices. The system in the TMX-2050 is easy to use and has a built-in GNSS receiver. The receiver can use either subscription correction services or freely available SBAS correction to improve accuracy as a field is worked.

Who can use the TMX-2050 display?

Every farm operator can use a TMX-2050 display. It’s intuitive and doesn’t require special instructions. But it allows operators to make real-time decisions that improve accuracy and benefit the bottom line. Advanced features can be customized for your operation. The TMX-2050 snaps into place in the tractor cab and can easily be moved to a different vehicle. 

Each operator can log into the system so that you know who was using which equipment and what fields they were in. This supports new operators in acclimating to the equipment and allows them to complete field work accurately and efficiently on their own.

Why should a farmer choose the TMX-2050 display?

Farming is hard enough without wasting time and money on inefficient crop work. Farmers choose the TMX-2050 display because it saves them time and money. It simplifies their day and connects all their data points, letting them focus on the aspects of the business that need more attention.

You set the system up prior to use by creating your fields, including naming them and mapping boundary lines. The mapping layers within the TMX-2050 display can show you coverage, speed, and applied rate. 

The AB lines appear on the maps to eliminate skips or overlaps in your rows. Accurate guidance lines keep your equipment properly within crop rows, which, in turn, greatly reduces yield loss on account of crop damage.

What differentiates this product from others on the market?

The Trimble portfolio already includes some of the best precision agriculture tools on the market. The TMX-2050 stands out from others on the market in several ways:

  • Larger screen size: The 12.1-inch screen size makes it easier to see and use the TMX-2050. The larger screen minimizes the amount of zooming in we all need to do. 
  • Implement control: Tractors are a tool, and we know the implement behind them is often your focus point. All Trimble displays allow you to control your tractor and implement with one device. The key difference with the TMX-2050 is that it can take input from two GNSS receivers, allowing the use of implement steering through TruGuide and TruTracker.
  • NextSwath end-of-row turn: Turns are the part of your vehicle’s movement with the least efficiency and most overlap. All Trimble displays are equipped with Trimble® NextSwath end-of-row turn technology, a cornering tool that significantly improves your vehicle’s turn efficiency.
  • Water management: Using FmX® Plus software, the TMX-2050 is the sole display of the Trimble display family that allows operators to carry out water management activities.

A complete list of features is available on the TMX-2050 page.

The TMX-2050 display raises the bar of precision agriculture and levels the playing field for farms of all sizes. Connect with your local Trimble reseller to learn more and level up your operation today.

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