Trimble R750 Modular GNSS Receiver

The R750 modular GNSS receiver combines industry-leading positioning technology from Trimble with a full suite of modern communications capabilities in a rugged package that can be deployed anywhere on the farm.

Trimble’s portable and powerful GNSS receivers support a range of real-time GNSS corrections for repeatable year-to-year accuracy for operations that require top-level precision. Use the R750 as a standalone GNSS receiver or integrate it into the positioning and corrections for any Trimble® steering system.

With fixed base station, mobile base station and rover receiver configurations available, the R750 is an ideal choice for all precision agriculture applications including, but not limited to, maximum accuracy planting and harvesting, high value specialty crop operations, as well as land forming and subsurface water management activities.


R750 Datasheet

Key Features and Benefits

Convenient and powerful tool for multiple agriculture and survey applications

  • Connectivity – integrated 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and worldwide 4G LTE modules
  • Flexibility – log, transmit, and receive data using a variety of formats and protocols
  • Durability – IP67 water and dust protection, designed to survive a 1.1 m (3.6 ft) drop onto a hard surface
  • Display – advanced four-line reversible front panel display with Power button, Enter, Escape, and navigation arrow keys for receiver configuration and status monitoring
  • USB-C port – USB data transfer and communications port with support for USB-C PD (Power Delivery) charging in the office, on site, or on the go
  • QR code – convenient connection to the built-in Wi-Fi access point via your smartphone or tablet

Industry-Leading Trimble GNSS Technology

  • Trimble Maxwell™ 7 GNSS ASIC – tracks the latest signals from all GNSS constellations with improved EVEREST™ Plus multipath mitigation, interference detection, and protection against GNSS spoofing
  • Trimble ProPoint™ technology – utilizes all-in-view GNSS constellations, with higher satellite visibility rates to keep you up and running with more reliable coverage and better reliability at the base station
  • Trimble CenterPoint® RTX – delivers RTK level precision anywhere in the world without the use of a local base station or Trimble VRS™ network
  • Trimble xFill® technology – leverages a worldwide network of Trimble GNSS reference stations and satellite datalinks to seamlessly fill in for gaps in RTK or VRS connection streams

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