Farmer Pro

Farmer Pro is Trimble’s most powerful desktop, online, and mobile farm management software. Farmer Pro customers get all the benefits of Farmer Core, as well as additional features that enable innovative, profitable farm management, including Crop Health Imagery, Work Orders, grid or zone soil sampling workflows, managing grain contracts, and more.

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Trimble Ag Software

Complete Farm Management Solution

  • Powerful Cloud-Based Software
  • Mobile Farm Management Made Easy
  • Reliable Desktop Software
Trimble Ag Software

Powerful Cloud-Based Software

Farmer Pro comes with access to an intelligent, user-friendly online platform that syncs automatically across devices so you’re only entering information once. Growers can use the online platform for:

  • Field record keeping
  • Real-time fleet tracking and utilization
  • Field map layering
  • Field data and profitability analysis
Trimble Ag Field Records

Mobile Farm Management Made Easy

Farmer Pro comes with access to the pioneering, user-friendly Trimble Ag Mobile app. Trimble Ag Mobile allows farmers to input, access, and share records — from field images to crop scouting reports — in real time from any mobile device. Our farm data management app works on both Apple iOS and Android devices, and keeps working even if you lose your Wi-Fi or cell signal.

Use Trimble Ag Mobile for:

  • Field record keeping
  • Fleet management
  • Work orders
  • Crop scouting
  • Soil sampling
  • Grain contracts and bin management
Trimble Ag Advanced Accounting

Reliable Desktop Software

Farmer Pro comes with access to our integrated desktop mapping, field record-keeping, and simple cash accounting. Built on the foundation of Farm Works Software®, our desktop platform turns farm data into actionable decisions.

Use the desktop software to:

  • Track your Cost Per Unit of Production for each field so that you have real-time knowledge about expenses and break-even calculations throughout the growing season.
  • Generate Profit Maps so you can deep-dive into each field and see what precision farming practices are most profitable.
  • Sync your desktop data, including field records and precision farming maps, to the cloud and mobile app to access data anywhere, anytime.

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Crop Health Imagery

Crop Health Imagery, powered by PurePixel™ technology, provides reliable, cloud-free, calibrated satellite images to farmers and their trusted advisors. PurePixel leverages a proprietary algorithm to analyze multiple sensor inputs to produce calibrated vegetative index maps throughout the growing season.

This unique calibration allows farmers to compare crop health at each growing stage for more targeted crop scouting. This enables smart in-season application decisions, helping farmers maximize yields and drive profits.

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Farmer Pro Work Orders

Work Orders

Trimble’s Work Orders feature takes the guesswork out of assigning and tracking field work for farm managers. This easy-to-use mobile feature assists in managing logistics, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and making quick adjustments to maximize efficiency and farm productivity. In addition, farm workers can leverage their smartphone to receive daily tasks, resulting in increased efficiency and a reduction in application mistakes.

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More Than Just Pretty Maps

Are you tired of looking at yield maps that don’t match what’s in the field? Trimble Ag Software’s new Yield Data Cleaning tool automatically fixes issues with grain flow delays, GPS errors, sensor errors, and overlaps, saving you countless hours manually fixing them field-by-field. As more and more farmers move toward precision ag, accurate yield maps become critical when using them for prescriptions or management zones. Clean yield data means accurate maps, which result in more profitable acres.

John Deere

Farm Data Compatibility

Farm data compatibility and connectivity agreements between Trimble Ag Software and other third-party farm management software platforms include Raven Slingshot® system, AGCO VarioDoc and AgCommand® systems, John Deere Operations Center, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect™, New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect, and more.

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Embrace the Power of Zone Sampling

Now more than ever, farmers need to leverage the tools and technology that drive the bottom line, without creating additional hassles

That’s why Trimble has added a powerful new feature to its Farmer Pro software offering, Zone Sampling, which enables soil sampling by zone, rather than the more expensive grid sampling option — while also improving farmers’ ability to manage fertility and drive productivity.


Using GPS locations to target samples based on any management zone, farmers can now collect actual sample points using any mobile device. Once samples are collected, farmers can visualize both target and collected points in Trimble Ag Software online, and export the files in a shapefile format to send to any farming partners or crop advisor.

If you are a grower or have customers that utilize zone management then this will help dial in your management practices to allow better understanding of your zones nutrition, and a more consistent sampling system across your management zones.

As each field typically varies in size and variability, zones are a great way to break the variability down and identify common fertility areas. However, the drivers of common productivity may not always be the same — they can be influenced by several different factors, including elevation, slope, soil type, and past farming practices. Knowing the location where the samples were taken in each zone is important to guarantee that the sampling was representative of the overall zone. With this tool, growers are now able to target and collect multiple samples per zone, providing clear visibility on where the samples were taken. This goes a long way toward improving fertility management and enabling zone management ground truthing over time.

This feature is particularly useful on farms with large fields that have higher variability and significant changes in:

Soil Type
Water Content

It’s also more economical than grid sampling, giving farmers a further boost to their bottom line.

Ready to get started?

Access the soil sampling tile on our mobile app
Select zone sampling
Target and collect your samples in each zone
Complete your job

Check out this quick video to learn how to get started today!

What are our customers saying?

“I use Crop Health Imagery to fine tune our fertilizer program. I raise mostly hard red spring wheat and tools like this can make a difference in our protein content which impacts the bottom line. I like how you can look at the crop health early in the growing season or look back at prior years to see trends of crop health. It is easy to use and helps me make informed decision when creating my own variable rate application maps.”

– Lance Wickum, Shelby, MT

“Every trip is recorded so we can look at the bottom line not only per field but per acre to see how we’re doing, what fields are paying and which ones aren’t.”

– Duane Kiess, Decatur, IN

Product Comparison

Product Comparison

FeaturesFarmer StarterFarmer CoreFarmer Pro
Farm SetupUser logins1Up to 5Up to 5Up to 5
Manage client/farm/field names with boundaries
Farm OperationsManage guidance lines
AutoSync™ resources, as-applied data, and bluetooth tags between Precision-IQ Displays and the cloud 2
Import/export or use third-party APIs to get data to/from precision farming displays
Track real-time equipment location, current status, and utilization history
Wirelessly send prescriptions to displays
Create Precision-IQ Display Work Order in web or mobile for remote task set-up and monitoring
Create Standard Work Orders and assign to people to monitor their manual completion
Includes dashboard for weather forecasting and commodity price tracking 3
Farm RecordsCreate detailed field records for seed, chemical, fertilizer, harvest, and other applications
Add materials and track purchases and usage by field with costs
Generate compliance reports with coverage or as-applied and task details
Access Precision-IQ as-applied data in shapefile format to use in other applications
Process yield data with yield cleaning tool
Create reports for seed, fertilizer, chemical usage, and field/crop profitability
View basic weather with option for upgrading to Ag Premium Weather
VRA ToolsUse drawing tools to layout management zones and create prescriptions
Utilize the mobile app for grid or zone soil sampling, including navigation to sample sites
Grain MarketingTrack bin inventory
Manage grain contracts and market position statements
In-Season MonitoringView Crop Health Imagery for each field
Record crop scouting events and create product application recommendations
Import UAV imagery
1 Additional user logins for Farmer Core and Farmer Pro can be purchased separately.
2 AutoSync automatically connects all your smartphones, computers, and Trimble displays (using the Precision-IQ™ software). Each connected Trimble display requires a Display Connection with modem and data plan or a third-party wifi adapter.
3 Cash bid prices currently available only in North America.

1Cash bid prices available only in the United States.
2Vehicle Connections allow you to connect to a Trimble display for fleet tracking and wireless data transfer using Trimble modems & data plans or a third-party USB Wi-Fi adapter. Additional vehicle connections can be purchased for a fee.
3Complimentary remote training is available in English, expanding to other languages in the future.
4Ag Premium Weather is available in North America but expanding to other regions in 2019.
5Includes up to 10,000 acres of Crop Health Imagery. Additional acres can be purchased by reaching out to sales at 1-800-282-4103.

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Key Benefits


Upload a shapefile variable-rate prescription into Trimble Ag Software
Create prescriptions by zone in Trimble Ag Software and easily send them to vehicles

This enhanced feature is important for farmers, as well as contractors that are using Trimble displays to do VR applications.


In the past, users would manually load prescriptions on each display with USB sticks before each variable rate field operation, a process that can be time consuming and prone to error.


Now, users can send imported prescriptions or prescriptions created from Management Zones to connected Trimble displays in an organization with Farmer Core or Farmer Pro. These VRA prescription files can be easily and efficiently sent to the displays and vehicles where they will be used, all from the comfort of your office!